Episode 003

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Beneath the Midnight Sky

“The quantum theory is based on the idea that there is a probability that all possible events, no matter how fantastic or silly, might occur.”
― Michio Kaku ―

Utopia Falling

We open on a hospital room, a ginger haired man in his mid-forties lies asleep in the bed. Next to him sits a redheaded woman in a wheelchair, her hands flying across the laptop keyboard resting in her lap. Across the bottom of the screen we’re informed that this is Gotham Mercy General Hospital and it’s Wednesday, November 11th, 2020. Suddenly brilliant white light fills the room and in that instant a man appears sitting on a couch near the window.

High Noon

The show cuts to an office, a strange mix of 1950s wood art decor and 2020s glass and metal modern designs. A women sits at a large oak desk, her INBOX is piled high with papers and she’s carefully reviewing each booklet. She jots a not in one, moves it to her OUTBOX, and suddenly there is a brilliant white light that fills the room. A moment later a man is sitting in a chair across from her and an amused look sneaks across her face.

Night Falls

Another cut and now we’re looking at what first appears to be a small studio apartment, but closer examination reveals it to be some sort of storm or fallout shelter. Laying on the top of a bunk-bed is a woman idly flipping through a copy of last month’s GOTHAM GAZETTE. Hanging on the wall next to her is a pair of goggles and a large bull whip, both covered in a layer of dust. Suddenly the tiny room is filled with brilliant white light and another figure appears on the bed below her.

Lock Down

The show fades in on a seedy dive bar as a blond woman, comfortably dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, sends her last patron out the door before she locks up behind him. She buses a table and starts to wipe down the bar. Suddenly the room is filled with a brilliant white light and then, sitting at the bar, is a strange man from another world.

Episode 003

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