Creating a Character

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Select three background professions

Pick three professions that your protagonist has held from the table below. You may pick the same profession twice, but not for all three selections.

Professions Verbs
(increase each by 1)
(pick one)
Aristocrat Coax, Move, and Operate charismatic, loud, or sexy
Assassin Fight, Prowl, and Shoot devoted, fearless, or sneaky
Criminal Coax, Prowl, and Shoot brutish, charming, or sly
Detective Detect, Prowl, and Shoot brave, protective, or ruthless
Doctor Detect, Move, and Treat calm, steady, or stubborn
Engineer Fight, Hack, and Operate accurate, clever, or quick
Reporter Coax, Hack, and Treat determined, obsessive, or prepared
Scientist Detect, Operate, and Treat analytical, observant, or smart
Vigilante Fight, Hack, and Move authoritative, brutal, or precise

Determine verb ratings

Fill in the first box for each verb on your protagonist sheet. For each profession, fill in an additional box for each of the three verbs it teaches.

  • Coax: Used to influence people through words and body language.
  • Detect: Used to notice details and track people.
  • Fight: Used to attack barehanded and with melee weapons.
  • Hack: Used to repair and modify gadgets and devices.
  • Move: Used to get around under your own power—run, swim, climb, jump.
  • Operate: Used to ride horses, drive vehicles, pilot aircraft, and control mobile machinery.
  • Prowl: Used to sneak around and get into places you are not wanted.
  • Shoot: Used to attack with ranged weapons, personal or vehicle mounted.
  • Treat: Used to mend physical and psychological wounds.

Select adjectives

For each profession, select one of the listed adjectives that best describes your protagonist and write it on your sheet next to a [+]. Or you can come up with your own. Or you can roll 1d100 on the list below. Mark both boxes next to that adjective to indicate it is locked.

1) Accurate
2) Aggressive
3) Agile
4) Ambitious
5) Analytical
6) Ancient
7) Angry
8) Authoritative
9) Beautiful
10) Bold
11) Brave
12) Broad
13) Brutal
14) Brutish
15) Calm
16) Charismatic
17) Charming
18) Chubby
19) Clever
20) Colossal
21) Cool
22) Damaged
23) Deadly
24) Delightful
25) Detailed
26) Determined
27) Devoted
28) Discrete
29) Eager
30) Elegant
31) Energetic
32) Famous
33) Fast
34) Fat
35) Fearless
36) Fierce
37) Friendly
38) Gentle
39) Ghoulish
40) Gorgeous
41) Handsome
42) Happy
43) Hard
44) Harsh
45) Horrible
46) Huge
47) Impulsive
48) Kind
49) Knowledgeable
50) Lazy
51) Limber
52) Logical
53) Lonely
54) Loud
55) Macabre
56) Massive
57) Meticulous
58) Muscular
59) Musical
60) Nice
61) Obedient
62) Obese
63) Obnoxious
64) Observant
65) Obsessive
66) Old
67) Old-Fashioned
68) Paranoid
69) Patient
70) Petite
71) Polite
72) Precise
73) Prepared
74) Protective
75) Proud
76) Quick
77) Quiet
78) Repulsive
79) Ruthless
80) Scrawny
81) Sexy
82) Sly
83) Smart
84) Sneaky
85) Steady
86) Stocky
87) Strong
88) Stubborn
89) Stylish
90) Threatening
91) Tiny
92) Tough
93) Ugly
94) Uptight
95) Violent
96) Warm
97) Witty
98) Xenophobic
99) Young
100) Zealous

Select three connections

Pick from the Gotham City Dimension. Note the name of each connection. You can also add your fellow protagonists to your connections list.
Connections can provide your protagonist with information. When you lean on a connection, the GM will have you roll a die and use the result to consult the Dimension for the city the connection is in.

You can go to a connection for certain favors. Each connection can provide one or more of the following (as listed with their stats in the Dimension).

  • Chop: Sell you a stolen vehicle at an 8 Fund discount (add the stolen tag for free) or buy a stolen vehicle from you at an 8 Fund discount.
  • Date: Attend a function with you, gaining you access somewhere you wouldn’t be welcome otherwise.
  • Deal: Provide a dose of drugs. First time is free, 1 Fund thereafter. Taking them gives you the negative sticky adjective of high. Once in the next contention, you can treat all the Hurt dice of a roll as positive results. Declare after you roll.
  • Fence: Buy a bulk load of stolen merchandise for 5 Fund.
  • Fix: Sell you up to three objects in specified categories, each discounted by 2 Funds. Add the stolen tag to each.
  • Ride: Transport you, a friend, or illicit goods to a destination inside or just out of the city.
  • Shark: Lend you 10 Funds, expecting repayment. Mark this in the ‘debt’ column.

Assign relationship adjectives

Go around the table. When it’s your turn, pick a relationship adjective from the “Relationship Adjectives” and assign it to one of the characters on your connections list. Repeat as often as everyone can get a relationship adjective.


Purchase objects using Funds

You start with 10 Funds. Buy objects from the catalog in this booklet by paying the listed cost. Write the object and its tags on your protagonist sheet. You can buy additional upgrade tags for 1 Fund each. Connections with the shark or fix favors can provide loans or discounts. Tell the GM whenever you call in a favor. Two favors per connection max.

Finish the protagonist

Name your character. Write a short description. Start with three Push dice.

Creating a Character

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