Dimensions of the Gotham-Verse

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Each Dimension has a master table made up of thirty-six individual nodes. Nodes need to be nonspecific and unlinked details. You want each node to be evocative and packed full of potential, but it should also be possible to freely associate it with the other nodes. As soon as they are selected, they become an acting influence in the game—either directly interacting with the protagonists or working behind the scenes, in your hands, as part of a larger conspiracy.

The Wild Wild West

Circa 1875, the Batman of this Dimension is Bruce Wayne II and is home to US Marshall James Gordon, Selina Kyle, and Jack “The Joker” White.

The Confederacy is completely wiped out, with no real rebellion left thanks to the Federation of Justice that was formed just after the war, by Superman and Batman. All known rebels were caught if they allowed it, killed if they fought. Batman and Superman (and Wayne & Son, where money would help) pushed a policy of Justice over Revenge with the Government towards Rebels. “We are all Americans”

Lincoln was not killed, as the Batman (Sr.) stopped John Wilkes Boothe at the theater, and “Honest Abe” remained a vital negotiator in the Continued peace with the South. He officially endorsed the Federation of Justice (which later will become the Justice League).

Armour is ahead of slug thrower tech, meaning folks wearing body armor are rarely killed by the small arms of the time, unless they use AP rounds to counter it or they died from blunt trauma. Wayne & Son was developed a heavy gel style round to incapacitate armored users without risk of blunt force trauma, but it was not yet in production.

Gotham is currently undergoing extreme and rapid industrialization. The once-clear skies are being darkened by the smoke of factories and the shadows of East Coast style steel high-rise buildings. Within a year (or possibly a handful of months), Gotham will be the most technologically and industrially advanced city in America.

There is a growing amount of “steam tech” which is being developed. Most of the advances have been for the military or transport industries. The boom in tech is being driven by a rivalry between Wayne & Son Incorporated and Luthor Enterprises.

Batman: Warden

Circa 2019, the Batman of this Dimension is Jason Todd and is home to Slade Wilson (Deathstroke)

Over 80% of Gotham was purchased for the Arkham Project. The remaining 20% is home to the Gothamites who refuse to leave despite the damage done to their home.

The Vigilante Registration act legitimized many super heroes. It had the unintended effect of turning Arkham Penitentiary into a proving ground for many up and coming vigilantes.

Despite many detractors President Luthor is projected to have four more years in the White House. The continued success of both the Justice League and Arkham Penitentiary have given him a strong platform to run on.

Electrical grids in Gotham remain active, but are suffering from disrepair and general damage. Power is available, but brownouts are common. Streetlights are constantly flickering, building power is spotty at the best of times, and power outages are regarded as a part of everyday “life” here.

The secured perimeter of the city is heavily guarded and patrolled by the Military to prevent the inmates from escaping. There are protesters outside the city who believe the “Gotham experiment” is in humane and unconstitutional. There are rumors of secret tunnels used to sneak people and contraband into and out of the perimeter.

Golden Age Gotham

Circa 1962, the Batman of this Dimension is Bruce Wayne.

The Justice League are universally regarded as a symbol and force for good. While there are certainly some that decry them, these people are few and far between and, often, ignored or branded as crazy.

Technology is slightly more advanced than it was in the real-world early 60’s. Rockets being launched to the moon aren’t exactly common, but it’s happened more than once by both private and governmental agencies. LexCorp recently began launching civilian satellites into orbit, for example.

Racism and sexism, at least in America, are almost nonexistent. The Justice League is, in fact, a majority female team (3 men, 4 women) and multi-racial as well (a half-Chinese Zatanna, a black Green Lantern, Wonder Woman is obviously Greek, Flash is Irish-American). Racists and sexists exist, but they are regarded as an extreme minority fringe group and considered anti-American.

The current threat to the peace of the world is the escalating Cold War between NATO and the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union has invested in Nuclear weapons as a means of countering the threat of the Justice League. There are rumors that the soviets are trying to locate Kryptonite to weaponize. They have also been using traitors and hidden agents to move against their enemies. Chester Cobblepot was recently arrested and is on trial as a traitor for espionage and unamerican activities.

Batman: The Great War

Circa 1914

Gotham Shogunate

Circa 1615

Following the siege of Gotham Castle (Osaka) the Tokugawa authority becomes paramount throughout Japan.

Space Station Gotham

Circa 2364

Set in the 24th century, when Earth is part of a United Federation of Planets, it is based on the eponymous space station Gotham.

Batman: Triple Alliance

Circa 1519

The first Spanish ships appear off the coast of the Mexica Empire and begin making their way towards Gotham City (Tenochtitlan).

Batman: Fire & Blood

Circa 2068

Set in a post-apocalyptic desert wasteland where petrol and water are scarce commodities.

Dark Knight Hospitallers

Circa 1113

The Dark Knights Hospitaller are founded in Gotham City (Jerusalem) as it’s official protectors.

Batman 2077

Circa 2077

Set in a world where the collapse of the global superpowers, and the rise of Megacorporations that fight amongst themselves for dominance.

Gotham Inquisition

Circa 1485

After the murder of Inquisidor Pedro Arbués public opinion in Gotham City (Zaragoza)to turns in favour of the Inquisition.

Gotham Beyond

Circa 2039

Set in Neo-Gotham, a futuristic version of the old Gotham City and a megalopolis featuring staggering high rises and flying vehicles. The world of Batman Beyond.

Dimensions of the Gotham-Verse

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